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  • Orkspace figure 7.  a soft-tissue window of an axial ct section of fd affecting the vertical ramus of the mandible. It expands the vertical ramus greatly in all directions; this expansion is remarkable on comparison to the normal contralateral side. This substantial expansion of the vertical ramus is accompanied by hyperplasia of the masseter muscle. Figure options view in workspace figure 8.  a three-dimensional reconstruction of a case of fd affecting the maxilla. The affected side though grotesque still adheres to the normal anatomical shape on comparison with the normal contralateral side. Figure options view in workspace figure 9.  a bone window of a coronal ct section of fd affecting the maxilla. It obliterates almost completely the antral cavity. Although the lesion displays a generally homogenous ground glass appearance, there are areas that display both cotton wool and peau d'orange features. It extends into the hard palate, the alveolar process to envelop the molars' roots and the zygomatic arch (it has also secondarily envelopes the arch's medial surface). It displaces the inferior lateral wall of the nasal cavity medially. It also displaces the buccal (lateral) aspect of the maxilla laterally. Figure options view in workspace figure 10.  panoramic radiograph showing the multiple lesions of fcod. They present as radiolucencies associated with many mandibular teeth. Many of these radiolucencies contain one or more radiopacities. They are all superior to the inferior dental canal. The hard palate immediately adjacent to the alveolar process presents as two horizontal radiopaque lines. best price for generic viagra cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra buy viagra online generic viagra viagra online generic viagra from india cheap viagra medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-buy-cheap-viagra-mq/ buy cheap viagra The upper line is the secondary image of that of the contralateral side. Figure options view in workspace figure 11.  panoramic radiograph displaying the multiple lesions of fcod. They present a dense irregular radiopacites associated with most of the mandibular teeth. There are also some dense opacities in both edentulous maxillary quadrants. The defect in the alveolus in the lower left quadrant is occasioned by a recent extraction. Figure options view in workspace figure 12.  radiopacities occurring within the bony jaws. Figure options view in workspace figure 13.  a periapical radiograph showing a compound odontoma, consisting of several denticles (small teeth with a simple crown form), associated with an unerupted lateral inc. Contact Us
First Aid and CPR Training in the GTA 


We offer quality and hands-on First Aid, CPR and AEDtraining programs through the Lifesaving Society.

Do you know what to do in an emergency situation?

Let us teach you!

News and Events
In October 2010, the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and the American Heart Association released new CPR guidelines to make CPR easier to learn, remember and perform.  Have you learned the new guidelines???
This year is First Breath's 12th Anniversary.  Thank you to all of our valued and loyal clients.
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First Breath is a division of A.M.R. Safety Training Inc.